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Optimum Corporates We service Corporate and Private celebrations by taking your guidance to execute events.


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Get the peace of mind you Deserve throughout the Process leading up to your nuptials/ Event.
-Optimum Planner Pty Ltd

" I was born to serve and as an Empath, effective communication and deeper understanding of others are the tools
to my purpose, Lets Create a better society one Couple at a time" 

Benonie Ruth G. Kandolo

Our Mission

Smell The Flowers, We service Corporates and Private celebrations by
taking guidance from you to plan, organize and execute events beyond your expectations.

 Ensuring your target audience is engaged and the message of the event or campaign is marketed accordingly.
Optimum Planner is a Wedding, Marriage and Event planning Company that  Conceptualizes, Designs, Plans and executes your vision, Our Cause aims to act upon  and Bring about change to current societal Challenges.